Alex And Mom’s Home Invasion

I woke up just before dawn. I didn’t know what time it was exactly, but there
was a little light coming through the curtains. I’d heard my dad’s car start
and drive away. It was Saturday, and I remembered that he and my sister
Cookie were heading off to a charity father/daughter golf tournement. Dad was
one of the guy’s running it. He had collected all the money and had to be
there early to make sure that everything was all set. It was a one hour drive
to the country club and they wouldn’t be back until late in the evening.

I’d backed out of going. I didn’t play the game and didn’t want to hang
around as dad’s gofer for the day. My plan was to sleep until mid-afternoon.
But that wasn’t the way things worked out. The second time I awoke to a
scream. It was my mom. I jumped out of bed wearing just my boxer’s and ran
down the hall toward her room.

My friends always k**ded me about wanting to fuck her. She has a great body
for a 36 year old woman. She’s 5’4″, 110lbs, curly blond hair, bright blue
eyes with flairing hips that showcased her great butt. Her ass is round and
tight with perfect little buns and her big full breasts are just awesome.

I secretly wanted to do her myself but I knew it would never happen.
Sometimes, though, I swear she would intentionally not wear bras and then
give me a peak of her eraser-like nipples when she bent over and her shirt
hung down. She caught me looking more than once and I could tell that she
enjoyed how it effected me.

Her screaming had become muffled by the time I raced into her bedroom. I
stopped short. There were two big black guys in the room. One had a hand over
my mom’s mouth and the other let out a shout when I appeared. “Freeze!” he
yelled and pointed a gun toward me. He came over and threw me on the bed next
to my mom.

“Shit, Tyrone, I thought she was home alone,” one said. I guessed that they
must have been casing the place but didn’t realize that I wasn’t in the car
with my dad and sister. “Fuck, what should we do?”

The man I presumed was named Tyrone looked over at me, naked except for my
boxers, and then down at mom, in her short nightgown with half her big boobs
popping out the low cut top and her long sexy legs exposed all the way up to
her hips. I don’t know if he noticed, I certainly did, her nipples were
poking through the silk. “Well,” he said with a short laugh, “I guess we’ll
have to change our plans then.” He took his hand off mom’s mouth, but she
started to scream again.

“Stop it, Mrs. Bumstead!” he yelled. “Look bitch, if your neighbors hear you
scream we’ll have to kill you … and your son. Plus, I’ve got a pretty bad
hangover and all the noise is giving me an even bigger headache. You don’t
want to make me angry.” She tried to scream again, but he told her, “Please
don’t make me hit your pretty face. All we came here for is the money from
the charity golf thing your husband’s keeping somewhere in the house.”

That seemed to calm mom. “Money, you want money?”

Tyrone smiled and let her go as he stood. He took the gun from his partner
and gestured for the other man to leave. “I don’t want to hurt anybody. If
you cooperate this will go much more smoothly. What’s the line? ‘Show me the
money.’ The large pile o’ cash. The Benjamins. Whatever you want to call it,
I want it now. I know your old man gots the golf money in the house.”

I knew my dad’s safe was hidden under the floor beneath mom’s vanity, so I
tried not to look that way. We could hear the other man going through drawers
in different rooms. Mom cleared her throat and said, unconvincingly, “I don’t
know what you’re talking about.”

Tyrone sighed. “Fine, what if I shoot your boy in the leg. Is that what you

She just stared at the man, so I jumped In. “Mom!” I said. “Look, Tyrone
right? I’m not going to lie to you. That gun makes me pretty nervous. I don’t
want to get shot. You seem like a nice enough person, for a robber I mean.
You know we can’t identify you. Tyrone probably isn’t even your real name.”

“Yeah, your a smart k**. That was a good touch wasn’t it?”

“Yeah. If I help you out, then you’re going to leave? Tie us up or something?
Cut the phone line I guess?”

“Yes, your are a very smart young man, that’s what’ll happen. We’ll go and
then we’ll all feel better. You’ll be able to make it to an afternoon movie
after you call all your friends and tell them about this crazy little

I smiled. I couldn’t help but like the guy, even if he was pointing a gun at
me and was about to rob my dad. I figured insurance might cover the loss. No
need for mom or me to get hurt over some money collected for charity.

“There’s a safe.”

Mom glared at me. “Don’t tell him, Alex!”

“It’s in the floor under the desk over there.”

“Thanks k**. Jerome! Back here.” The second man rejoined us and then
uncovered the safe. “Combo?” I didn’t know it and mom was silent.

“Look, Jerome here is good with safes. He’ll crack it eventually. If not, I
might shoot at it, and maybe a bullet would ricochet into you or your son
there. Or we might use some plastic explosives. That would really ruin this
nice finish on your floors. Tell us what the combo is.”

“No.” I couldn’t believe mom was being this stubborn. We were in a bad
situation and she wasn’t helping it any.

“Mom,” Tyrone began, “and I don’t use this term lightly, you’re being a
bitch. A pain in my ass. Why not be a pal, like your son and make this easy.”
Mom sat in silence. “Her birthday’s May 9, 1962.” I offered.

That worked. Tyrone and Jerome pulled out a bag that contained at least
$8,000 thousand. Then they pulled out a manilla folder. “My, My, What do have
we here?”

“Put that back!” Mom almost jumped out of bed and Tyrone quickly had the
gun trained on her. When he peaked inside the large envelope, he started

“Is this why you wouldn’t cooperate? Because you didn’t want me to see naked
pictures of you?”

Mom was clearly embarrassed. Her cheeks were flushed, and so was her exposed
upper chest.

“These are pretty nice. I like this one.” Tyrone threw the picture toward the
bed, and it landed in my lap. Mom was naked and on her back. She had a large
dildo buried in her and looked like she was on the verge of a powerful
orgasm. Seeing the picture made me get a little hard. I looked away but knew
I’d probably get an erection. Mom looked appalled.

Tyroned picked up the picture and gave another laugh when he saw the bulge
underneath. He said, “Thank you for all your help. I’d appreciate it if we
could keep this between ourselves. Most likely you’ll call the cops. They’ll
never find anything. You’ll never know who we are. All that. So really,
what’s the point?”

Tyrone and the other man walked toward the bedroom door but then stopped.
“You know, Alex here has been so helpful and mom has been such a bitch. It
seems like Alex should get a reward.”

I was confused. “No, that’s okay. You said you guys were going to leave if we

“Alex, I know your brain is saying you want us to go, but your dick’s tellin’
me something else. It says that wants mom to wrap her sweet lips around it.”
Mom screamed. “Lady, shut up or it won’t be your mouth he sticks it in. We
both know your husband won’t be back for hours. I know you were worried about
being ****d when we came in here. I really was just here for the money, but
now my head is pounding and your son there has got an erection that has your
name written all over it.”

“No!” I said. “Seriously, I don’t want that.”

“Listen boy. I saw her nipples earlier. I saw that you saw them too.” Mom
looked down at her chest and then covered her scantily covered breasts.
Tyrone had walked back over to stand next to mom. She shied away as he ran
the gun through her hair. “She’s got pretty hair and a great body. Boy, you
know you’ve beat off to her before. It’s only natural. She’s very fuckable,
even if she is your mom. You can fight this if you want to, but I’m going to
give you a present you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

“Now. Mom,” he grabbed her arm and lifted her to her feet, “you won’t be
needing this anymore.” With one hard tug, Tyrone ripped the little nightie
from her body, exposing the big breasts I’d caught glimpses of before. They
were 36C’s at least and her nipples were very erect. He then ripped her
bikini panties off and I saw my mom naked for the first time.

Even though she was in her thirties, she still had that tight firm body that
I’d fantasied about. I swear that her body looked like that of a 25 year old.
I remembered that I was supposed to be looking away in shock, and then did
so. Mom tried to cover herself as I noticed that I was fully erect and poking
through the fly in the boxers. I quickly adjusted myself.

Tyrone looked Mom in the eyes, “You are … going to suck his dick. You
are … going to swallow every last drop of his cum, unless … Alex, do you
want to cum in her face? Never mind … don’t answer. I’m telling you that’s
what you’re going to do. And mom, you’re going to do this now because if you
don’t I’m going to **** you and then Jerome is too and we’ll keep switching
off all afternoon until we can’t do it anymore and then we’ll go get one of
your wine bottles and then we’ll use our fingers and our fists. Toothbrushes.
Hairbrushes. Whatever we can think of. And my imagination’s pretty good. So,
just give the boy some head and save your sweet little pussy a terrible day.”

Mom was crying but she climbed back on the bed next to me, reached out her
hands and pulled down my boxers. Her eyes flaired open when she saw my big
dick. It was standing proud at it’s full nine inch height in horny
anticipation. I protested insincerely but really I was kind of looking
forward to this.

Tyrone was right, I had, and still did, masturbate while thinking of mom.
She had perfect dick-sucking lips. She wouldn’t look me in the eyes, but I
couldn’t help but stare at her naked body. Then at her mouth as her full
pouty lips wrapped around my swollen cock, I almost lost it. I knew that I
should try to come as fast as I could but I also wanted to hold out and
enjoy the blowjob for as long as possible.

Mom was amazing. Better than any of the girls who’d ever sucked me off
before. I guess she’s had 20 extra years of practice. She alternated her
tempo, slow, slow, fast, slow, and moved her tongue under my shaft and around
the head. Her soft hands were wrapped around my thick shaft, pumping it as
she looked up at me, tears in her eyes. I just stared at her sweet full lips
massaging the length of my rock hard penis. After a few minutes, she started
lightly scratching my balls.

I moaned, which made Tyrone and Jerome laugh. “Come on mom,” Tyrone told her.
“Get it all. Deepthroat that big white dick. Man, I swear there’s some
brother’s blood in this family from the size of this white boy’s dick,” he

I tried to stay quiet but she was too damn good as she worked my throbbing
shaft down her throat to the hilt and buried her nose in my pubic hairs. She
began to bob her head, working her full lips and undulating tongue over all
nine inches of my thick cock. After only a couple of minutes I moaned, “Mom,
I’m going to …”

Right as I was about to cum, I saw her head get pulled back. Tyrone had her
by the hair. I shot three or four loads into her face. She looked disgusted.
There was cum dripping down the side of her nose, back onto my pubes. Tyrone
forced her head back into my crotch. “Clean him up and eat it all,” he told

She wiped the cum off her face and then did as she was told. It was so sexy
to see her swallow my cum that I was quickly erect again. I felt ashamed. I
knew our relationship was going to be changed forever. But damn did mom suck
a mean dick.

“I know I said we would go now, but I lied again. Jerome and I want to see
Alex eat your pussy. We want to see the look of ecstasy on your pretty face
that we saw in the pictures.”

“No!” Mom and I protested. Actually, I wanted to do it. Get down between her
long sexy legs. Make her moan with every flick of my tongue. I’d eaten lots
of pussy before. I loved doing it. Maybe it’s a power thing, but it’s a great
feeling to hold a woman on the edge of an orgasm but not let her have one.
Just tease her for as long as you want and then finally let her cum.

“Yes. It’s going to happen. I’ve got the gun, remember? Just do what I tell
you and no one gets hurt. Really, if you do what I tell you then everyone has
fun. Mom, on your back. Alex, between her legs. But don’t finger her, just
the tongue.”

Mom reluctantly rolled onto her back and spread her legs. She wasn’t crying
anymore. She didn’t exactly look eager either, but I knew she was about to
have a good time. I’d dreamt about this for a long time. Sometimes as I ate
out other girls I pretended they were mom. I stared for a moment at the curly
blonde hairs that covered her pussy lips and trailed down toward her ass. Her
lips were pretty small and I could see her clit hidden behind a golden curl.

I grabbed her soft, smooth thigh and lightly stroked my fingernails toward
her vagina. She inhaled sharply. Then I started licking my way up her inner
thigh toward her snatch. I sucked her pussy lips and slowly licked my way up
toward her clit. I made circles around it and when I finally flicked my
tongue on her clit, she let out a little moan. I continued licking and gently
sucking, making noises and having fun with it.

Mom was moaning openly now and pushed up to meet my face. I was grinding my
hips into the mattress as her legs spread wider and I slid both of them over
my shoulders. Her sweet pussy tilted up and I now had access to her puckered
rosebud of an anus. I couldn’t help myself from sliding my tongue down her
crack and digging it into her tight asshole and I began to alternate between
her holes as I ate her out.

Mom’s boobs were fully engorged and her nipples were hard. My hands, on their
own, worked up over her firm tummy and filled themselves with her firm fleshy
mounds. I guess, since I wasn’t allowed to touch her pussy, they wanted to
get into the action and without conciously thinking about it I began kneeding
her big tits. My fingers rolling and tweaking her hard spikelike nipples as I
devoured her juicy cunt.

Her eyes were locked shut but she would occasionally open them and look down
at me. I swear that I completely forgot about Tyrone and Jerome. I think mom
did too eventually. She even called out my name! It was awesome. I held her
on the edge for a long time and was about to begin a final assault on her
clit when I was pulled away.

“Not so fast,” Tyrone said. Mom looked bewildered, maybe even a little pissed
off at not yet orgasmimg. “I didn’t want you to use your fingers boy, so that
her twat would stay tight for when you banged her. I want you to fuck her
now.” This time neither of us protested. “Mrs. Bumstead, get on your hands
and knees. Alex, get back there and fuck her doggie style. Don’t hold back.
Be a man and fuck your sweet assed mommy hard and deep.”

She was up in position before I could get there, writhing her buttocks
erotically as she looked back over her shoulder at my long thick dick. I knew
she was so hot and horny that she wanted me to fuck her. And because I’d
already cum, I knew that was going to last much longer. I fit my throbbing
dick into her juicy slit and slowly slid into her. I was returning to the
place that I’d come from and it felt like heaven itself as her hot glove
tight cuntal sheath wrapped around me.

Blondie: Alex And Mom's Home Invasion

“Oh baby, it’s so big. So much longer and thicker than your father’s …
OOHHHHH ALEXXXX,” she moaned as I buried it to the hilt in her glove tight
pussy. It was so tight it gripped me like a hand in a velvet glove. Mom’s
cunt was already dripping juices as my balls slapped against her.

I locked my hands onto her flairing hips and began fucking the crap out of
her. She was going crazy, rolling her hips and pushing back into me as I
powered it to her. The underside of my dick must have been rubbing her
g-spot. Her upper-body collapsed onto the bed as a powerful orgasm ripped
through her. Her pussy was squeezing me like a vise as I fucked her far
longer than I’d ever lasted before.

She was screaming out in pleasure as she pistoned her butt back into me.
“Keep fucking me with your big cock. Don’t stop baby.” She had another
orgasm, and a several minutes later I felt my balls getting tight. I called
out her name and had the best orgasm of my life. I must have filled her
entire pussy with my cum. I continued to fuck her until my dick was
completely limp.

“Stop,” I heard Tyrone say. “Stop, stop, stop. That’s enough for you.” I
pulled out with a juicy “pop.”

“Come over here, Alex. Sit down.” Jerome duct taped my arms and legs to the
chair. I wasn’t in an extremely comfortable position and couldn’t move my
arms or legs even an inch. “I’m glad you two had some fun together, I won’t
call it forced sex, because, who are we k**ding, you both loved it.

Jerome went over to her dresser, and began to rummage around in the drawers.
“Ah ha! Thought I might find this here,” he said and held up the dildo we’d
seen in the photos. It was black, about 10 inches long and very thick. “You
dream of getting fucked by a big, black cock … right sweetcheeks? Well
we’re gonna give you the real deal. Now, the real r****g begins.” Tyrone
smiled at mom.

He and Jerome took off their pants and mom started to look scared as she saw
the two massive black cocks emerge, both of them bigger than her dildo. She
tried to cover herself with a blanket but Jerome pulled it away. “Mrs.
Bumstead, you looked so good getting fucked by your boy here that Tyrone and
I want a piece too. You can make this hard or easy. I’m hoping hard because I
like a struggle, but either way we’re going to fuck the hell out of you.”

Writhing upon her bed, mom was helpless in resisting her assailant. Helpless
as he crept up to her. Mom’s wide opened eyes gazed down at the menacing
black tool that Jerome was shucking, seeing the glistening shine of fluid
oozing from the cockhead. Seeing the massive black tool that dwarfted her
dildo. “Oh, please … no … no … you can?t … it’s much too big!” she

Jerome grabbed her ankles and placed them on his shoulders. Mom looked up
with tears in her eyes, pleading for him to stop, “Please stop, I don’t want
this, please …” Crying, mom’s head whipped back and forth on her pillow,
her curly blonde hair waving in the air. Jerome smiled as he scooted forward
on his knees. Mom’s long sexy milky white legs pointing straight up to the

The long black horsecock found the moist opening to mom’s warm and slick
cavern. Mom was now panting in panic and fear as the large black cockhead
delved into her golden fleece and parted her moist slit, rubbing up and down
with pressure being placed to split her wide open. “Please, please don’t …
please don’t,” came the desperate plea.

Suddenly Jerome reared back and slammed forward with all his might.
“Aieeeeeeeee…. It hurts, … stop, nooooo … please … aghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”
screamed mom. This seemed to be sheer music to Jerome’s ears.

“Ahh….Ahh….Ahh….Ahhh….Agggggg….” continued mom’s desperate groans
as the thick black prick began to tunnel its way deep into the moist slick
cavern. It was a snug fit and it took two more powerful thrusts by Jerome to
bury his dick’s bloated head into Mom’s tauntly stretched womb.

Blondie: Alex And Mom's Home Invasion 2

Jerome let his black horsecock enjoy its full length being buried in my mom,
then withdrew until only the huge head was enveloped by the tight tender
walls. Suddenly he slammed forward with all his might, burying himself fully
again. Again and again and again Jerome pounded his massive black horsecock
into my mom’s tauntly streached slit.

Tyrone peppered her with insults as Jerome continued to pound her pussy.
“You really shouldn’t have been such a bitch earlier,” he said. And, “How
many more hours do we have? Should we call over some friends? Make this a
real **** party. Maybe get some girls over. I bet Mrs. Bumstead here would
love to eat a pussy. Suck the cum out of some girl’s twat. Get trained by
six big black guys in a row. Fucked till she can’t walk.”

He was hitting mom in the cheek with his club like dick. She tried to bite
him. “Oh, no you don’t. No teeth. If you bit me, I’d have to kill you. We
don’t want that. I just want to fuck your little white pussy. Make you my
slut. Fill you with my cum.” Mom screamed as an intense orgasm washed over
her. Jerome was cumming and pumping her full of black man’s cum for the first
time in her life. She lost control of her body, arching up into the air,
taking his long black shaft deep into her clasping hot pit as spurt after
spurt of his hot seed filled her womb.

Jerome held his massive dick deep inside mom for about a minute after the
spasms left his muscular body before he rolled off mom. He got up looking
excited, like an idea had come to him. He held up the dildo. Tyrone nodded
and looked down at mom. He took the vibrator from Jerome and turned it on.
He traced the tip up and down mom’s body. Finally, he held it right on her
clit. She tried to pull away but couldn’t. After a few minutes, she started
to moan.

“Why … are … you … doing … this … you … bastard?” mom
breathlessly called out.

“Well, now that I’m rich, I guess I must be bored,” Tyrone retorted as mom
had an orgasm. The Jerome grabbed a knife that they must have brought from
the kitchen and both mom and I gasped. But he merely came over and cut me
loose. He had the gun and motioned for me to join mom and Tyrone on the bed.
I did as I was told.

“Mrs. Bumstead,” Tyrone said, “have you ever been fucked by two men at the
same time? Well, you’re about to be. You’re going to ride me, and your boy
Alex is going to fuck you up the ass.”

“No!” Mom protested. “Alex … I’ve never … I mean … I …”

“Ah! Alex, what a treat. You get to pop your mom’s anal cherry.” Tyrone
pulled her up over him and told her to put it in. Mom knew she had no choice.
She grabbed it in one hand and fit it in her hot sopping wet pussy. He
grabbed her lush hips and slid her down the rest of the way as a big black
horsecock again stretched her pleasure portal to beyond any man she had ever
had before today!

They both groaned as she slowly slid down the long thick black pole and took
in all the way to the hilt. She was so relaxed and wet she was able take it
fairly easily. Her pussy had gotten accustomed to Jerome’s large, meaty black
cock plundering her depths! She cried out as he began to hammer up at her hot
squishy box.

Settling herself on it she began to ride him. I watched fascinated as
Tyrone’s big black cock disappeared between mom’s legs. She was now slamming
her ass down on his cock and balls and you could hear the slorp-shluck sounds
fill the room! Tyrone was in heaven as she rode his huge cock while he
caressed and squeezed her big bouncing tits!

“Alex, loosen her up with the dildo and then fuck her in the ass.” Jerome
said as he handed me the dildo.

“Don’t do it Alex! Please….!” mom protested. I paused but then began to
work it in her anyway. She howled in pain as it passed her sphincter. I
turned it on to see if that helped and she started to moan. Tyrone did too.
Eventually I had it buried up her ass to the hilt and mom shook with another
orgasm. Then I pulled it out and got into position behind her.

I slowly pushed up into her ass. She groaned and relaxed her straining
sphincter. I was able to slip in a few more inches as Jerome pushed her lush,
big-titted body down onto Tyrone to give me full access to her tight little
asshole! It was still tight, even tighter than her pussy. It felt great.
Groaning she relaxed even more and I drove forward up her glove tight asshole
until I’d buried all nine inches to the hilt. “God you’re so tight mom!” I
moaned gripping her flairing hips.

I could feel Tyrone thrusting into her through whatever membrane separated
us. I fell into his rhythm and Tyrone and I began pounding her pussy and ass
like jack-hammers. I just knew she was going to be sore for weeks! Me, I was
on cloud nine, I don’t know how long I’d been fucking mom’s tight little
asshole before I felt Tyrone cum in her. I was getting pretty close myself
but he told me to stop.

Blondie: Alex And Mom's Home Invasion 3

We both pulled out and then he told me to lay back on the bed. Mom was made
to sit down on my lap, with her back to my chest and my dick buried in her
ass again. Jerome pushed mom down onto my chest. He slammed his big black
dick up her snatch and started fucking her again. She took him deep and
something inside of her must have clicked. His massive cock pushed her to
the limits and she got down to some serious fucking as she bounced up and
down wildly on my ass filling dick, her curly blonde hair flying around her
nodding head as Jerome’s big black rod slid in and out of her tauntly
stretched cunt.

Tyrone told me to try and get some leverage so I could keep stroking her ass,
but I really couldn’t get a good rhythm. Honestly, I was a bit disappointed.
I really wanted to bust a nut again. Then her pussy clamped down on his cock
and his eyes almost crossed! Her ass also clamped down on my cock like a
velvet vise as she had a tremendous orgasm! “I’m almost there man. This bitch
is unfuckingbelievable!” Jerome ground out increasing his thrusting.

Mom just moaned, her pussy and asshole stretched beyond belief. Her pussy
muscles took over, automatically milking his massive cock as Jerome came and
shot a heavy load, coating her insides with his creamy goo! He finally slid
out of her tight hole with a pop! He was sweating and panting and said, “Man,
this has to be the BEST FUCKING I’ve ever had!”

Then Tyrone instructed Mom to get off of me and lay on her back so I could
fuck her pussy. She did as she was told and lay there with her knees up high
and wide open for me. I wiped my dick off on the sheets and then climbed up
over her and pushed my raging dick into her to the hilt. It was weird being
on top of her, having our chests pressed together and looking in each others’

“The only thing left for you to do is kiss,” Tyrone said. Mom raised her head
up and we started kissing. This time she was the one who didn’t hold back.
There was real passion in her kiss. She was pushing her tongue into my mouth
and grinding her hips up into mine with determination. I could feel her
nipples pressed into my chest. It was the best sex of my life by far.

Just as I was getting near, I heard the front door shut. Mom and I opened our
eyes and looked toward where Tyrone and Jerome had been standing. They were
gone. “Don’t stop,” she whispered in my ear. I felt her long white legs raise
up and encircle my ass, feeling Mom’s ankles lock, pulling me deeper. “Fuck
me baby. Your father would have been done and been sound asleep long ago.
It’s OK Alex. I want you to fuck me until I orgasm again, I’m so close honey.
Fuck Mommy hard and deep. Make me cummmm!”

Twenty minutes later, still physically joined together as only a husband and
wife should be, we were embraced in another passionate kiss. Tongues teasing
each other, Mom’s long sexy legs wrapped around me, her hands caressing my
body as she pumped her hips up at me in the final throes of a super intense
orgasm. I stayed on top of her, inside her, until I was completely limp. Then
I rolled off. We were both out of breath.

I couldn’t believe I had participated in the gang-banging of my mom. I had
fucked her in every hole she had, eaten her pussy, pushed a huge dildo in her
ass, and made her cum a few times. I had dreamed of doing some of that before
but had never expected it to come true. Now that I’d done it, I didn’t know
how I could ever look her, or my dad, in the face again.

“What … what should we do now?” I asked, hesitantly.

She looked at me with a blank expression. “Take a shower. Get dressed. Wash
the sheets. Call your father and the police and tell them there was a
break-in while we were out at the store.”

“And? About us?”

“Well!” mom smiled as she rolled to me and took my limp dick into her hand.
“We don’t have to tell anyone what really happened, do we. It’ll be just
between us honey, OK. MMMM, of course now that we’ve … ahhh … bonded so
closely, I don’t see how we can go back to the way we were. We just have to
be discreet about getting together again. You do want to fuck me again …
don’t you Alex?”

I just smiled as I took her into my arms and gave her a big kiss with lots of

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