Finns have the best sex lives in the Nordics

The Swedish Association for Sexuality Education, RFSU, has surveyed condom use and other aspects of sexual habits in the Nordic countries. Finns prove to be by far the best at using condoms, and are also the most satisfied with their sex lives. 

39% of Finns usually use condoms when they have sex. Runner up is Sweden with 30% regular condom users. Finns are also less prone to see problems with condoms, more likely to always have one at hand, and better at using one with new partners. 
Safe sex doesn’t seem to be interfering with Finnish sex lives though. Finland had the highest percentage of survey respondents reporting they were satisfied with their sex lives (46%), and the lowest percentage reporting they were unsatisfied (26%). 

‘I am satisfied with my sex life.’ – ‘Yes’, ‘No’ or ‘Neither Yes nor No’ RFSU – Kådiskollen 2016

On the whole, the Nordic people are not satisfied with their sex life in in proportion with the importance they assign it, RFSU concludes.

The most common reason for not being satisfied is not having enough sex (approximately 70%), or lacking a partner (about 40%).

Another reason for dissatisfaction is lack of excitement, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem in Finland, where only half as many report it as a reason for not being satisfied with their sex lives compared to the other Nordic countries.

Swedes are the least satisfied with their sex lives in the Nordics.

Despite Swedish Sin – or perhaps of heightened expectations it imposes – only 44% of Swedes report being satisfied with their sex lives and as many as 31% claim to be dissatisfied.

If there’s one thing Swedes have going for them though, it’s that they are more satisfied with their bodies than the other nationalities. Only 24% of Swedes give dissatisfaction with their own body as a reason for not being satisfied with their sex lives. The corresponding figure for Finland is 33%. 

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