Human Consumption

My lovely brunette friend Heather and I decided to meet up one night after work at the wicked hop in the historic third ward on Saturday night. after bar close we took a UBER home.”honestly I don’t wanna go home just yet.” she tells me on the ride home.

I told the driver to head over to my place, we got to my house i paid the driver and took her by the hand and led her to my door, we walked upstairs to my place and i opened the door and she went inside.”thank you for hanging out with me tonight” I told her. Heather folded her arms.”oh sweetie I’ve always wanted to” she said as she plopped down on her back on the bed. She grabbed my hand. We looked at each other holding hands. She reached down and tugged gently on my belt.

I finally got the message, I tugged at her blouse before she pulled it over her head. I kissed her neck and squeezed her tits together.”get me out of this bra” she demanded. I undid her bra tossed it aside. this chick has tits the size of g****fruits”holy shit” i exclaimed.”god these fucking titties are huge!” i licked her nipples and slobbered all over them.“i can’t wait” i grunted i unzipped my shorts took off my undies and shirt as she lay there on my bed fingering her pussy. I got on top of her took my cock and guided it into her.Heather closed her eyes”oh my god I felt that shit”. she muttered. i pinned her to the bed and began pumping my dick slowly inside of her. “omi god i never thought you had it in you, you feel so good inside me!” she exclaimed.

I put on “more human than human” by white zombie on the stereo “been wanting to fuck you to this for awhile, you might wanna turn that music up loud” I said. she reached over and turned up the volume. she wrapped her arms around me and her legs around my waist, as i began fucking her harder. her moans got more intense.

“uhhhhhhh-uhhh oh baby!”she screamed as my balls smacked against her pussy lips, i was workin that dick in heather like there was no tomorrow”ohhh ohhh oh shit!” heather gasped looking into my eyes. ”oh right there, fuck me right there uhhhh please dammit” i lay there my arms planted my her side got heather’s long legs up in the air rammin my chocolate stick up in that hairy pussy.

I looked down and saw her creamy secretions glistening on my cock.”I’m not done with you yet heather” I whispered in her ear. “I’m human babe and humans have needs” i whispered as i drove myself into her. she raked her nails softly across my back”be as human as you want right now inside of me “ she demanded i squeezed her big tits together and started shoving my cock deeper in heather’s cunt.

I pinned her to the bed and buried my face between those boobs and began fucking her deeper.“deep divin up in this shit” i grunted, she gripped me tightly and i started corkscrewing her hairy puss.”ohhhh my…uhhhhhh” she wheezed. My balls started slapping against pussy lips I looked behind me and saw her toes curled up “fuck, me, fuck the shit out of me!” she stammered. i kissed her on her neck and ears and plowed the shit out of that pussy, “don’t stop, don’t right there that’s…my boyfriend never-“she gasped. heather squirmed as i drove myself into her.”omi god you made me cum, twice” she whispered.

“Gotta make sure the lady comes first” i replied as i kept fucking her, heather looked into my eyes.”honey pop that top all over my big tits!” she ordered. I rammed my dick into her several more times before i pulled out.”here it comes” I said grabbing a hold of my prick and stroking my dick in front of her tits.”god heather” I exclaimed as my cock erupted sending arm creamy jizz all over her tits”ohh yes gimme that cum”she demanded. she grabbed my dick and worked her lips around the tip.”mmm..hmmmpff” she muttered as she sucked every creamy drop of it out of my limp rod,she looked up at me still holding my cock in her hand. “my god you’re a rock star in bed you owned me, I’ve never been screwed like that before, wow!”she exclaimed.

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