I am a cuckold husband

When my wife had her last lover we went this route and it was quite an experience for both of us! She had talked about doing it many times in the past but this was the first time she actually followed through and did it for an extended time. For several years she has admitted that vaginal sex with me was unsatisfying and that she only did it for my pleasure and to “reconnect with me”. As a result, whenever she had a lover she would frequently deny me sex for a few days before meeting with them and there were stretches of several weeks where she just wouldn’t want to placate my selfish desires. However, when she had her last lover he was quite dominant and made it clear that he really didn’t like for her to have sex with me. She gladly accommodated him and informed me that she had no choice but to cut me off. Of course this just added to the thrill of the cuckold relationship and the tension just made everything better for both of us.

To be honest, once you realize that you aren’t satisfying your wife sexually anymore it is easier to want her to find her sexual satisfaction with another and to allow her to avoid the chore of pleasing you. I truly want her to be happy and by knowing that sex with me (other than oral which she loves for me to give her) is not pleasing her, and is even distasteful at times, makes me want to avoid putting her through any act that she doesn’t want to participate in. It is her body and she should enjoy anything that she allows to happen to it. Besides, denying me sex only heightens the power exchange that we both accepted in our relationship many years ago!

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