My continuing affair with my step-mom part 3, the final

This is the story of the last time I saw my step-mom. You should probably read all of my previous stories about my step-mom and I before reading this so you have the full understanding of the relationship that we shared.

It had been a year since I last saw her. I graduated from college in May and started my new job (which I hated), got married in the fall to my high school sweetheart and bought our first home in the begining of the Winter. We made it through the Holidays and the New Year before we had any winter weather. It was not until the middle of January before the snow came. My wife and I woke up to a beautiful snow covered winter weekend morning. After the snow stopped, I realized that we did not own a snow shovel, and with us just starting out we could not really afford to go out and buy one.

I called my dad and asked if he had one that I could borrow, or if I could get the one that was my grand dad’s. My dad said that he would go and buy me one to help me out and that he would get it to me as soon as he could.

The snow melted off the driveway and roads almost as fast as it came. Since I hated my job, I was actively looking for another one and had an interview set up in a city about an hour west of where we lived. Dad had called the day before my interview and told me that he had gotten me a new snow shovel and that he would bring it to me the first chance that he could. I told him that I would just hop on the interstate after my interview and drive the hour and a half to his house to pick it up.

“OK, it is in the Jeep and the keys will be on the table in the door way of the house.” he told me.
“OK great. I am not sure what time I will be there, it all depends on how long this interview takes.”
“Thats fine, I have to work all day so I will not be there. But, I think I should tell you that D_____ is there at the house. Her and R___ are officially done. She had no place to go so she is staying with me until she can get back on her feet.”

As soon as he said that my mind started to race. I knew that being a newlywed meant that I should not go and put myself in the position to cheat on my bride. I also knew that all it would take is seeing her again and it would be on.

Now, it has been said that once you put a ring on a woman’s finger, the blow jobs stop completely and the sex diminishes drastically. That may not be true for some guys, but for me, it was very true. I guess my wife figured she had done what she needed to secure a husband, and now that she had one, she could slack off on her wifely duties. Perhaps if she hadn’t I would not be writing this story.

The morning of my interview came. I had planned on going to dad’s to get my shovel and then to my mom’s to visit for a while before going home in time to be there when my wife got off of work. I was allowed to dress casualy for my current job, which I normally did. This morning, however, since I was leaving at lunch time for my interview, I dressed in a white dress shirt, black suit pants and my freshly shined, black dress shoes.

After work, I ran out to the car, put my tie and jacket on and headed to my interview. I was anxious for several reasons, the obvious being my interview. But what was really weighing on my mind was what I would do if my step-mom was there at the house when I got there. I knew what I wanted to do, and I knew what I should do, and the two thoughts were conflicting.

The intverview went well until they gave me a personality test. Not that I have a bad personality, but sometimes I am too honest and told the truth about an altercation I had been in at one of my previous jobs. It goes with out saying that I did not get the job, and to be honest, I am glad I didn’t… but that is neither here nor there.

I left the interview, still in my suit and got on the interstate. The drive from there normally would have taken an hour and a half, but with the excitement/nervousness I must have been driving well above the speed limit. I remember thinking when I pulled up to the house that I was not ready to go in yet.

The whole drive I kept going back and fourth in my head about what I was going to do. I had decided that I was not going to prompt the situation, but if she wanted it, who was I to deny her?

When I got to the house, I took a deep breath and got out of my car. I checked myself over in the reflection of the window and straightend my tie. I walked slowly, but confidently up to the front door. It was open so I walked in.

My step-mom was sitting in the living room on the computer, chatting with her now ex-boyfriend who was trying to get her back. The year since I had seen her last had definitly taken its toll on her, as well as her continued use of drugs and alcohol. But there was still something about her that was magicly beautiful.

She was sitting in a long T-shirt, her hair was a total mess. It was obvious that she had not been out of bed long and was probably nursing a pretty severe hangover. The material of the shirt hung losely over her saggy tits, but her thick nipples were obviously hard as they were straining for relief under the shirt.

“Hey!” she said “Your dad told me that you would be stopping by sometime today to get something out of the Jeep.”
“Yeah, I had an interview and came straight from there to here. He told me you would be here.”
“It is so good to see you, and you look handsome all dressed up.”
“Its good to see you too.”

She got up and grabbed the keys for me. I leaned in for a hug, but she turned around and went back to the computer. Shocked at not getting a hug, I turned, walked out of the door to the Jeep and got my shovel. I put it in my car, locked the Jeep back and took the keys back into the house.

I sat down in a chair in the living room, still in my full suit, and started up a conversation. She congratulated me on my recent marriage, and commented on how beautiful my bride was from the pictures my dad had shared with her. She also told me that her boyfriend had turned into a total asshole and that even his beautiful cock was not enough to keep her around anymore. She told me that she had moved into the house and was hoping to live with dad as roommates. She wanted dad to still date and she too wanted to be able to date. Dad was not too keen on the idea as he was still in love with her. He did not want her to bring some man home because it would make him jealous.

She continued her online conversation with her ex while we were talking and there came a point where there was a lull in our conversation. I just leaned back in the chair, put my hands on my head and admired her odd beauty. Her nipples were still staring at me, begging to be set free from the confines of her shirt. They were calling me to suck and bite on them. Her smooth legs under the computer table seemed to be beckoning me to spread them and enjoy the love of my step mom once again. I was lost in a trance, staring at her and remembering all of the love that we had shared in the past. I don’t know how long I stared at her, but when she broke my trance, my dick was now waking up and was now starting to tent in my pants.

“So are we gonna fuck or what?” She said breaking my stare. I had been busted, staring lustfully at her.
“W-what are you talking about?” I stammerd.
“Oh come on, lets be serious. You came in here in your suit looking all hot, you got what you came for and now you are just sitting here staring at me with lust in your eyes. I can read you like an open book.”

I was about to answer her and she interupted my thought, “Oh wait, nevermind, you are a married man now…” She smirked.
“Like I told you before, I fucked you before I ever knew her, you always get dibbs. If you want it, I’m here and have the time.”

She stood up, came over to my chair and grabbed my hand. She pulled me up into her arms and gave me a long hug and then a deep passionate kiss. I could feel her thick nipples pressing against me and as I let my hands rub down her back to her ass, I could feel that she was not wearing any panties. My cock sprang to attention at the thought that only her long T-shirt was all that stood between me and her heaven.

She led me back to my dad’s bedroom and shut the door behind us. She turned me around to face her and held me in a lover’s embrace. She slid her hands up my chest to my shoulders and took my suit coat off, placing it on the chair neatly as to not let it get wrinkled or dirty. She came back in front of me and we shared passionate kisses, letting our tongues lovingly wrestle each other, licking the insides of each others mouth. She slowly and seductively took my tie off and then unbuttoned my shirt. She placed my shirt on the chair with my coat and came back to kiss me. She slowly kissed down my hairy chest and got down on her knees. She took my shoes and socks off, like she did when I was living there, like a good housewife should, and then moved to my belt. She undid my belt slowly, letting it hang in the belt loops of my dress pants. She unbuttoned my pants and pulled down the zipper, slowly and teasingly.She let my pants fall to the floor and I stepped out of them. She placed them on the chair with the same care that she had with all of the rest of my clothes.

Still on her knees in front of me, she looked up at me with tenderness and love in her eyes. She reached into the hole of my boxer shorts and brought my thickening dick out. She slowly stroked it as she brought her mouth up to it. She slowly took my stiffening, 6 inch long, (3inches in girth) cock into her mouth. She sucked it slowly, lightly. She did not suck me like the cock-hungry slut that I knew her to be, she sucked me with passion and love. She made out with my cock like it was the only cock she had ever lived for. For 5 minutes she continued this passion on my dick until I pulled her back up to her feet. Standing in front of me I pulled her shirt over her head and threw it to the chair where my clothes were. I pulled her naked body tight to mine, placed one hand behind her back and the other to the side of her face, grabbing her head and pulling her in to kiss me. I pushed my tongue into her mouth and could taste my pre-cum still on her tongue. We made out for a minute or two, which felt like an eternity of bliss.

Breaking our kiss I said “Mom, I have always loved you. I have missed this, I have missed you.”

Without letting her respond, I started kissing down her neck, then to the other side, sensualy rubbing her back, butt and tits with my hands. I kissed slowly down to her left tit and took her stiff, thick nipple in my mouth. With my left hand, I grabbed her right tit and started to massage it and pinch her nipple. She let out a loud sigh and then a quiet moan. After paying ample attention to her left nipple, sucking and biting on it, I switched tits, doing the same. I let my hand trail down her stomach to her thighs, around the back of her legs and butt and back up the front of her legs. As I neared her motherly cunt, the little slice of heaven that had given me so much love and pleasure in the years past, I could feel her heat. Her pussy was wet, dripping wet, as I slid my fingers between her lips, across her clit and to her love tunnel entrance. I brought my fingers back to her clit, and her body shuddered as I started to massage it.

She pushed me over to the water bed and laid me down. She crawled on the bed between my legs and put my dick back into her mouth and started sucking with her wild passion again. I had her lay to my right side, as we had done before, and started rubbing her pussy with my right hand. Once again, I buried my fingers in her sloppy wet cunt while I pressed my palm firm against her clit. She started to grind slowly on my hand as she sucked lovingly on her step-son’s cock. I started to buck my hips up to meet her mouth with every stroke and bob of her head. She let out a low moan around my cock and started bucking her hips and grinding her pussy fiercly on my hand.

I could tell she was reaching her climax as she started to jerk and suck on my cock with more lust than before, moving faster and griping harder. Her hips were also grinding harder and faster. I, too, was nearing my exploding point and she was showing no signs of letting up.

“Do you want your son’s cock in you?” I said, talking dirty to her.
“MMMMMMMHMMMMM” is all she could respond back with her lips firmly sealed around my shaft.
“Well then you are gonna have to stop sucking becuase I am about to cummmm!”

She did not stop, instead she picked up the pace even more, both with the blow job she was giving me and the fucking she was giving my right hand and fingers. I put my left hand on the back of her head, pushed it down to my pubes and thrust my hips upward to drive my cock deep into her mouth and throat.

“I’m about to cum mom….!”

She clamped her thighs around my hand as she reached her release. At the same time I shot 4 or 5 hot strings of cum down her throat and into her mouth. She kept sucking as she bucked against my hand, moaning around my cock the entire time. I shot two or three smaller strings of my seed into her wanting mouth as she kept cumming in my hand. My cock was starting to get too sensitive for her to continue, but as she kept cumming she kept sucking and my body convulsed uncontrolably. She swallowed everything that I had to give and as her orgasm subsided, she came up to lay on my chest.

As we shared a passionate kiss, I could taste my cum in her mouth. That was something that we always shared, and I enjoyed. She laid her head on my chest.

As we were catching our breath I said “I’m sorry I came so fast. It is just the fact that I never get blow jobs anymore and on top of that, you have always been the best at sucking my dick.”
“Its ok dear, no worries. You got me off.”

We laid there for a little while longer while I rubbed her back and played with her hair. She started to rub my chest with her right hand.

“Why don’t you get your dick sucked anymore?” She asked me.
“I don’t know. She said she just doesn’t like to do it anymore..” I responded, trailing off.
“Well that is a shame. I’ll tell you what, since it looks like I will be living here for a while, anytime you want a bj, you call me and let me know you are coming, and I will be ready. I will at least suck you off, if you want more, you know you can have it.”
“That would be nice.” I told her.

We stayed in that position for a while longer. I continued to rub her back and play with her hair. Her rubbing of my chest started turning from a relaxing stroke to more of a sensual touch. She let her hand fall farther down my front with each pass until she was lightly grazing my dick.

Her motions and touch stirred something inside of me and my flacid cock was starting to wake back up. She took my soft love tool in to her hand and began to lovingly stroke it. I knew that in just a few short minutes she would be on top of me and I would finish the job that we got started a while ago.

She had other plans.

She moved from my chest and got between my legs on her knees, facing me. She was positioned in such a way that I could not reach anymore than her head with my hands, and, if someone would have opened the bedroom door, they would have seen my step mom and her 56 year old, well used cunt in all its glory.

“Here is a little going away present for you,” she said, “I want you to lay here and let me suck you off. Since you don’t get this very often, enjoy the treat.”
“Yes ma’am.”

I put my hands on my head, and looked down into my step-moms’s eyes as she took my cock back into her mouth and began to suck. She started slow at first, using only her mouth and maintaing constant eye contact with me. She sucked me entirely into her loving, soft, warm and wet mouth. She slowly, with just the right amount of suction, pulled up until just the very tip of my dick was still in her mouth and then slowly went back again. After repeating this 3 or 4 times, she let my member come completely out of her mouth and she started to lick and suck on the sides and the bottom. She licked down the bottom of my shaft and when her tongue got to where it meets my balls, she took one hand and started to stroke my cock and licked and massaged my nuts with the other hand. It felt really good, but not as good as having my entire length in her mouth, so I put both of my hands on her head, pulled her way from my balls and thrust my hips upward, aiming my cock right into her mouth.

“Enough of your little teasing games!” I said, “Now you are gonna suck me like I know you love to do.”
“Fuck my mouth then son.”

She gripped the base of my cock with right hand, stiffened her neck and sealed her lips around me. I could feel her tongue working the underside of my glans and I started bucking my hips up and down. I started with consistent but gentle strokes. That is until I heard her gag a little. That set something off in me that to this day I can not explain. The sound of her gag, the only time she had ever gagged with me before, sent me into a face fucking frenzy. I grabbed two fist fulls of hair and started beating her head down on my cock while I was shoving it up into her mouth. She gagged a bit more and moaned around my cock. Her grip on my shaft got tighter as my stroking continued. I could feel her slober running down my dick and balls and she kept making the moaning and gagging sounds. All at once, my balls tightened, her grip tightened, her suction around my cock increased and I shot 5 or 6 thick ropes of my seed down her throat. I had reached new heights, my head was spinning and I stopped bucking in her mouth as another small shot or two erupted into her willing mouth. Even though I had stopped, she continued to milk and suck my cock until she had gotten every last drop of cum out.

She sat up, told me to go get dressed and went into the bathroom. By the time she came out I was fully dressed and ready to leave. She leaned in, kissed me and said, let me know the next time you want a blow job.

“Thank you.” is all I said and left.

After visiting with my mom for a while I drove home. I thought that I would feel regret for what I had done behind my new bride’s back, but I didn’t. I convinced myself that since I had not actually had sex with my step-mom, there was no harm done.

I got home about 30 minutes before my wife was suposed to be home, but to my surprise she was there, waiting for me. Instantly I thought that I had been busted. Had I pocket dialed her from my cell phone? Had my step-mom gone off the deep end and told her?

“Hi honey..” I said as I walked through the door, “what are you do home so early?”
“To be honest, I was so horny at work, I couldn’t stand it. I knew you would not be here, so I came home to have supper ready for you when you got here. I also wanted to be ready for you to fuck me tonight.”

We sat down and ate. We talked about our day, how my interview went, and that I had seen my step-mom, leaving out a few obvious details.

After supper, she told me to go to the bed room, lie down and relax while she cleaned up the dishes. So I went to our room, got undressed and laid on the bed. I am not sure how long I had been dozing off but I woke up to my beautiful bride sucking my flacid, tired cock into her mouth. I just knew that she was going to taste my step-mom spit, but if she did she never said a word. She proceeded to suck until I was fully hard and then laid in the 69 position so I could eat her cunt.

While she was sucking my dick, I started to lick and suck on her clit while I buried my fingers into her pussy. (The same fingers that had been in my step-mom a few hours before, which I had not washed on purpose to savor the smell of her.) It did not take long before the pace of her cock sucking and stroking picked up and her pussy started to tighten and gush around my fingers. She pulled her mouth away moaning and furiously pumped my cock as she reached her orgasm. She put her mouth back down over the head of my dick and moaned around it until I told her I was about to cum. She pulled back off and jerked me until I shot only 2 strings of cum on her face. She laid down on my leg, my cock still in her hand, my hand still on her pussy and we fell asleep.

We woke up the next morning, never having fucked like she had planed and carried on with our normal lives.

It was only a week or two later when my dad called me and told me that my step mom had found a ‘new love’ and had moved out. I did not see her again until this past July at a family party. She looked horrible as she came up to hug me. The years of alcohol, drugs and sex had taken its toll on her. My wife and my step mom’s new husband were there, so we exchaged small talk and then went our separate ways.

I hope that you have enjoyed the stories of the relationship of my step mom and I. Thank you for reading.

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