Nina and Maria

Nina and Maria is in balcony as I left for evening walk. While walking on path, I am thinking about hot aunt Maria. I moved to mall and bought a chilled beer cane as I drink it on a lonely path. I came back home and moved inside my room to change my dress. After a while, I came back in the dinning hall to join them. My mom, aunt and sister are there while aunt’s daughter is in Nina’s room playing game on laptop. Looking at me, Maria asked…… ” If you are free tomorrow?

(Garry) sure aunty, say what I have to do?

(Maria) you will be with us for a day long tour in Delhi. ” As I smiled and responded positively..

Its 11:15 midnight as I walked to dinning hall for a bottle of water from refrigerator. As I walked back I heard some voice of screaming and I moved towards Nina’s door as I looked inside from key hole, I can see Nina as well as Maria nude on bed and they both are in love session. As I can see nude Nina sitting on Maria’s lap and holding each other tightly as maria is sucking her niece’s tongue. So I walked towards backyard as I know the windows of her room will be open. Now in backyard, I came near her windows as it is open and I looked inside. They can’t see me in dark as I can see Maria pushing Nina on bed and Nina is sleeping as aunt is massaging her boobs hardly. While Maria is sucking her breast, her finger is inside Nina’s vagina to fuck it. Looking at live porn, my penis is in erection as I can see Maria sucking her right breast and fucking her cunt with finger. Nina is screaming in pleasure as I can see both nude. Now my dirty mind is on their glory hole..

I came in dinning hall as I want to join them, so I knocked the door and after some time, door opened as Maria opened it. She is in gown as I can see Nina sleeping on bed wearing a gown, looking at me, Maria….. “What happened Garry? Its a dark night.

(Garry) oh I see but let me move inside room. ” I moved inside and while sitting on bed, I slapped my sister’s hot ass as she wake up in hurry….. “Oh Garry what happened ? Why are you here at night. ” And I moved towards door as I locked the door. Maria is bit shy as I pushed her on bed and looking at them, I asked….. “Nina and aunty, remove your gown as you both were nude, I have seen your sexual act. “They are bit shy as moved on bed and hold my sister’s gown to remove it. Maria came on bed as she removed her gown to make her nude, I ask them…… “Enjoy your sex I will see it only. ” And Nina is on bed with her legs wide apart as Maria put a pillow under her ass, now I can see Maria leaning and kissing her labias as I am sitting near Nina’s waist, I hold Maria’s breast to press it hard. Maria is licking the vagina of Nina as she has put her fingers to wide open her vagina, my hand is on maria’s breast as my hand is moving on her round ass, slowly I pushed my long finger in Maria’s cunt to finger it. My penis is rock hard inside bermuda as I am pressing Maria’s breast while fingering her hot vagina. Later on, Maria started sucking her (Nina) labias and she screamed…… “Oohh no aunty I will cum soon. ” And Maria tasted her cum.

Maria is now sleeping on bed as Nina is on her right side and Garry is on her left side. We both are pressing her breast hardly as our lips are on her lovely face. She is rubbing her thighs as I put my lips on her lips and Maria pushed her tongue in my mouth. While sucking it my hand is massaging her breast as Nina is sucking her breast, my penis is in full erection as I left her tongue and moved towards her (Maria) waist. Now I put a pillow under her (Maria) ass and leaned my face in between her thighs to kiss her labias, as she opened her vaginal hole. Now I pushed my long tongue in Maria’s vagina to fuck it as Nina is kissing her lips, I knelt in front of her genital zone as I have removed my bermuda and pushed my long cock in Maria’s vagina to fuck. She is screaming in pleasure as my penis is hitting maria’s vagina, Nina moved to washroom as I leaned on Maria’s hot body. She hold me tightly as I am fucking her with speed as well as power, she is bouncing her ass fast as our sexual organs have become hot, she ejaculated cum.

Nina is on bed as she is on her knees and elbows, I pushed my rock hard cock in her vagina to fuck. While pounding her vagina fast, I can feel her cum in her vagina and she started swinging her ass to enjoy my dick. My cock is hitting her vagina as her tits are coming down from her chest and I hold it to press it hard. My penis is moving on a smoother path as she is enjoying my long dick and Maria smiled….. “Nice to see both of you in sex as you both are now too young to enjoy it. ” And my penis ejaculated sperms inside her glory hole. Nina and Maria sucked my dick to taste the cum. Our hot nights ends.

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