Squirt in the park

We haven’t seen each other in a month. Things come up, things don’t work out and even so we have to meet at a park, but still I’m hungry for his dick and I’m happy to get it any way I can.

We hide among the trees and bamboo, in the shadows of giant stone markers. It’s hot today but cool here in the shadows so I leave my arms bare and he strokes them, admiring my pale white skin. I pull my t-shirt up a little, showing my milky stomach, the taut line of my waist and his darker, rough hands. Reaching around to pinch my tender nipple through my thin t-shirt he starts to kiss my neck, licking and sucking on my ear, moving my hair away from my face to kiss my mouth. I look around to see if anyone is coming, and then shyly lift up my t-shirt, exposing a pink nipple to the cool air for him to play with. It’s been so long but I can feel myself melt against him and his warm, wet mouth. I moan and move my head to give him more room to nuzzle my sensitive neck. It’s been a month since anyone’s touched me and his fingers pinching my nipples and stroking my breasts feels electric.

I reach over and feel his growing dick in his pants. I can feel it grow longer as I stroke it through his pants. He spreads his legs wider and pats his lap, signaling for me to sit down. I whimper gratefully, my eyes glued to the outline of his cock. I climb on to his lap, wiggling my ass, rubbing it against his long, thick dick, wanting it in my ass, my pussy, my mouth, all at the same time. He grabs my hips and guides me, rubbing my throbbing pussy up and down his cock. My pussy is so swollen it’s almost aching, and the seam of my jeans is pressing against my slit, driving me crazy.

Suddenly he stands up in front me and loosens his belt. He pats my upturned head and pulls out his thick, veined cock. I lick my lips in anticipation. I want the taste of him, I want him to shove his dick down my throat, rub it all over my face, make me take it like a good girl. He pulls back his foreskin, and I can see the tip of his dick glistening with pre-cum. I rub my tongue all over the tip, savoring the taste, then rub the slick, wet tip of his dick all over my lips like lipstick. I know he likes this so I look up at him through my glasses smiling; licking, spreading my spit and his cum all over my mouth. Like daddy’s sloppy little slut

He pulls his giant dick out of my mouth, smacking it against my face a little. He smiles down at me, watching me moan and rub myself through my jeans while I suck his dick. ‘Turn around’ he tells me, and immediately I unbutton my jeans and pull them down with my silky black panties in a puddle around my ankles. I lean forward and grab the huge slab of granite hiding us from the mountain trail. The stone is cold and rough and dark, and I look even smaller bent over against it, my fingers grasping the stone trying to find a stable place before he starts to pound me from behind.

I look back behind me and he’s pulling down his pants. I can feel his hands spread my pussy lips, slipping his strong fingers in to feel my wetness. ‘Slowly’ I plead as I feel the head of his dick press against me. He groans as the tip enters my tight hole. I pant and moan softly, ‘slowly, slowly, chotto dake’. ‘Yeah, chotto dake’ he grunts, grabbing my hips. I start to bounce on his dick a little, just a little on the tip, loving the feeling of the thick, swollen tip pop in and out of my tight hole. Then in one sudden thrust though he enters me completely, and I gasp, almost crying out. I can feel my pussy grip his dick deep inside me and it gives my stomach a funny, fluttery feeling every time he thrusts, deeper and deeper. He grabs a rough handful of my soft, creamy ass and gives me a solid spank. I bite my lip at the loud ‘smack’ of his hand on my skin and desperately wish that he could spank me more, make my ass red and hot so he could lick it later with his cool tongue.

He fucks me harder and harder and I want it more and more. I can feel myself getting wetter, feel his balls slap against my pussy lips. He has me bent over almost all the way, my face close to my feet and my ass in the air. I raise my head just as he moans and I can feel his body tense against me, and he cums hard inside me. He bucks a little and strokes my body, and I whimper a little when he takes his dick away. I arch my back as he bends down to watch his cum dribble out of my pink pussy. I spread my legs a little more and close my eyes against the cool stone, hiding my hot face. I like it when he looks at my pussy, and he likes to spread it open and watch the pleasure on my face, but there is a shame there, a hot, delicious shame.

He takes some of his cum, and spreading my puffy lips rubs his fingertips against my swollen, sensitive clit. I explode in pleasure, and my knees almost buckle. In a whispery voice I beg him not to stop. He runs his fingertips up and down my slit, rubbing circles around my clit, making everything wet and slippery. He gently rubs my throbbing clit between his fingers while pushing two of his long fingers deep into my cunt. I give a guttural moan and try to force his fingers deeper, but he deftly moves them, forcing me to take my time, giving it to me. His fingers work deep inside me, hardly seeming to move but I’m overcome with a building orgasm. His fingers continue to circle my slippery, rubbery clit, open and exposed as I bend over presenting my pussy to him. He starts to move his fingers in and out of my tight pussy faster, deeper, and I start to whine and beg. ‘Please, I want to cum’, I moan. He grunts and thrusts his strong fingers deeper. He knows my body so well, knows just where to touch to make me cum harder than I ever have with any one else. I can feel my orgasm building, the wetness starting to drip down my legs. Without warning I start to squirt, a warm spray all over his hands, my ass and the leaves covering the ground. I shake and whimper as he continues to finger fuck me, now my cum dripping on my panties. I want him to shove his fingers in my mouth, let me taste our juices. I should ask him next time.

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