White Girl Blacken

I use to have a condo on the northside of Chicago near Milwaukee and Damen, which is considered a hip part of the city. I was literally walking distance from all the major bars and restaurants, which was good in case I was too drunk to drive home. One Thursday night, I was in a frisky kind of mood so I headed up the local pick up bar “Borderline”. Fellas when I say “pick up bar” this place was a fucking meat market, wall to wall white pussy. The weekends were hell, you could see the line around the block of young babes trying to get inside.

Well Thursday nights were a little different, the crowd was much older and the mood was very mellow. This particular evening I was dressed very casual, I wore a pair of nice slacks, a button down shirt with my head shaved very close with a nice dash of expensive cologne. (I’m a player baby, I have to dress to play right)? I enter the bar and order my usual rum and coke, I notice two white chicks and a guy sitting at the bar. Nothing special, trust me I have seen better. The lights were very dark and the vibe was very chill, so my first impression was to have a drink and jet!

But after a few sips of rum, I noticed one of the white girls making eye contact with my sexy, black ass! I looked, she smile and I said to myself, “Oh shit, Houston we have a fly in the black spider web”! She reached over and introduced herself as Rachel along with her friend Mandy and Eric (the white guy). “How are you tonight, I had to say hi because I could smell your fragrance as you walked through the door” is what Rachel chatted. Dam, this chick was being very aggressive, so I smiled and thanked her for the compliment.

WE talked for about 30 minutes about nothing really, business, sports and not one word of sex. Well as time passed, her friend Mandy and Eric told us they were leaving because they had an early morning. Rachel, told them goodbye and turned towards me, and said “So do you feel like keeping me company tonight”? My cock immediately stood to attention, Uhhh yes darling I would love to keep you company is what I replied. Thereafter Rachel stood up and began to take remove her Jacket, she had a mid size chest wearing a nice mock up sweater, blue jeans with high heels. Rachel looked about 25 years of age, and she was hot, or at least she seemed hot after three rum and cokes!

She told me she owned a Advertising agency in town and she had always thought about being with a black man, but the opportunity never presented itself. “So after a few more drinks, we left the bar and went back to her house. As we walked to her place, which was about 3 blocks away, I reached over and grabbed her ass cheeks. They were soft and firm, she didn’t hold back either as she forced her tongue down my throat. We stopped by and alley, because I had to piss I began to pulled out my 9” black snake to piss, when I looked down to find a pair of white hands grabbing my black cock!

“Ohhh, your cock feels nice, I can’t wait to taste you” as she massaged my shaft and stroked my dark meat! You could see her hands stroking my dick back and forths in the dark light of my shadow and it only made me more excited. By this time, we were only a few steps away from her home. My pants were unbuttoned and she was all over me, I reached over and stuck my hand down her panties, as many people walked by and watched us! Her pussy was very, very hairy and my cock was starting to throb with passion!

We entered her (Mini fucking Mansion), this white chicks was LOADED or at least her daddy was! AS we entered the family room of her house, I pushed her against the wall and pulled her pants down and stuck my warm tongue up her asshole from behind! Uuuuuuuuh, your body feels so warm, lick my pussy faster baby”! I spread her ass cheeks open and tongued fucked her like a true pro from behind! Her pussy juices were flowing like a water stream, “Oooh yes, fuck me baby, I want to feel you inside of me is what she moaned”!

By this time, I pulled out my dark black cock and forced it inside of her mouth as she rolled over and sucked my black cock on the hard wood floors of her expensive house! Her tongue was rolling against my black balls, while I finger fucked her from behind. This babe was not the business professional she tried to fake at the bar. Rachel was so turned on by being seduced by my black monster cock she was turning as red as the devil himself! I seized the moment and bent her over and rammed my black cock inside of her! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck “I can feel your cock inside of my stomach”!! “I looked down as I pumped her pussy with intense strokes, her lips spread across my black cock like a tightly fit glove!

“Smack, smack, smack was the sound of her wet pussy juices sliding across my black dick! “Uuuuuuuh, please don’t cum inside of me” Ohhh, your cock feels sooooo good, please, please slow down, my pussy is getting wetter”! “I ignored her every word as I pounded her tight, white pussy. I was her first black man, and I was determined to REPRESENT the true black fucking experience!! “Uuuuh Craig please slow down, I’m getting floor burns, as I stroked my massive black throbbing cock inside of her!!

Rachel immediately pushed me against the floor and jumped on top of my cock! “Sit your ass back and let me handle this”!! She slowed eased down on my cock and moved back and forth as her pink rubbed against my lips!! My cock was all the way inside of her and she didn’t say one word about a condom! Our bodies were sweating as we scooted across the floor and slammed against each other! I could see her white cum run down my black cock as she road me like a White bitch in heat”! “SMACK, SMACK, SMACK was the sound of her pussy riding my dick! “Oh, Oh, Craig I’m cumming, hold me baby, hold me baby, I’m coming, OOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhh”! Yes, yes, your cock feels so fucking good, oh, oh, don’t stop baby I’m cumming!

Rachel immediately jumped up and chanted, “Please don’t tell me your came inside of me”! No, bitch, now get over here by this window and bend over and touch your toes, was my reply! “Hey please don’t talk to me like that, was her answer! As she walked over and followed my every request! I immediately slapped her ass cheeks with an open hand so she would know who the real black master was!! Ouch, as I rammed my black cock inside of her tight, wet pussy as she bent over and touched her toes! OOOOOOOOOH my god your cock is too fucking hard, oh, oh, oh!

As I rushed her pussy from behind with power, “You like this black cock don’t you bitch”?! “Yes, yes oooh you feel so good”, you can have my pussy every night if you want it baby, ooh, oooh, I want you please fuck my asshole! Is what this hot white slut shouted! Yeah, I had this little freaky, white chick begging for my black cock! I stick my finger up her asshole, while I pounded her pussy from behind. I could feel my cum flowing heavily, so I pulled out of my new white friend and made her lean over and swallow, every fucking drop as I shot my load in her face, eyes and mouth!

“Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh,ahhhhhhhhhhhh that shit feels so good Rachel! I want you to be my little white slut now, is what I whispered as she drank my black cum love potion! “Mmmmmmmmmm, baby I just love your cock inside of me, maybe we can be full time lovers! Is what Rachel mentioned as she kept licking up and down my black shaft! What a good little white freak. She went and cleaned up and we exchanged telephone numbers.

Two weeks later, I called my new little white slut and we spoke briefly on the phone when she said; “Oh Craig, I could never date a black man in public, what would my friends think”? Lets just be fuck buddies, I really enjoyed myself that night but my images means everything to me.

Oh, well is what I said to myself, I eventually hooked up with Rachel a few more times, until she left me alone with one of her friends and I fucked her and shot my hot, black sperm inside of her! Rachel didn’t take the news too lightly, maybe because her friend got pregnant or something like that! But this was just another white girl.

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